GDYNS Whey Power Protein 2500gm


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GDYNS WHEY POWER PROTEIN is the latest technological breakthrough in anabolic protein supplementation for athletes. Because the body doesn't store protein like it does carbohydrates and fats, you need the daily intake of protein to maintain optimum levels of your free amino acid pool. The body will draw from this amino acid pool based on the demand for the development and maintenance of muscle tissue and other body components that are protein based without adequate protein intake amino acids can be robbed from the muscle tissue with Whey Power Protein The benefits to the athlete go way beyond the fast absorption and muscle bodybuilding qualities of whey protein. 

Whey Power Protein contains the significant muscle food ingredient that promotes an anabolic environment for muscle growth.

Whey Power Protein starts with high micro- base material processed utilizing  the most up- to- date technology of cross-flow micro filtration, and concentrated cold spray drying that yields a full spectrum of peptides including to low molecular weight di & Tri- peptides and medium molecular weight oligopeptides for rapid absorption, utilization and  complete whey protein benefits. Whey Power Protein contains the following peptide features

Nutritional Facts
Serving Size : 1 Scoop (33g)                    Serving Per Container : 30(1000g)75(2500g) Approx.
Amount Per Serving
Calories : 118 Calories from Fat : 14
                                          Amount/Serving                                          % Daily Value

Total Fat                               2.5g                                                                2%

Saturated Fat                           1g                                                                5%                       

Cholesterol                          35mg                                                                12%
Total Carbohydrates               5.5g                                                                 6%
Sugar                                      2g                                                               
Protein                           24(72%)                                                                44%
Calcium                                88mg                                                                9%
Phosphorus                           79mg                                                                8%
Sodium                                 65mg                                                                3%
Potassium                            166mg                                                                5%

* Percentage of daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. 

** Daily Value (DV) Not established

Typical amino acid profile per 100 grams of protein

L-Alanine                    4.8g                    L-Arginine                2.3g

L-Aspartic acid           10.2g                    L-Cystine                 1.2g

L- Glutamine acid       17.2g                    L-Glycine                 2.0g

L-Histidine                   1.6g                    L-Isoleucine             8.1g

L-Leucine                   10.5g                    L-Lysine                  9.1g

L-Methionine               1.6g                     L-Phenylalanine        3.1g

L-Proline                     6.1g                     L-Serine                 5.21g                          

L-Threonine                 6.2g                    L-Tryptophan            2.1g

L-Tyrosine                    2.4g                    L-Valine                   6.0g

Naturally occurring amino acid found in protein

Ingredients: GDYNS Whey Power Protein [ ultra filtered whey protein concentrate. Whey Protein isolate. Partially hydrolyzed whey peptides ( Containing dipeptide, Oligopeptide and polypeptide fractions), glutamine peptides], natural flavors, sucralose acesulfame potassium.

As a dietary supplement, Mix 1 Serving (1 Scoop) with 300ml. toned milk, water or juice