GDYNS Super Carb pro 3000gm


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GDYNS Super Carb pro gives most dynamic muscle shapes & keep body in anabolic protein supports because it has great combination of 45 percent carbohydrates & 45 percent protein. It is scientifically formulated for solid gain of hard muscle, without fear or wasted calories. It is also most powerful massive anabolic muscle mass gaining formula.

GDYNS Super Carb Pro is a great combination of 45 percent carbohyrates & 45 Percent protein with all essential amino acid, Vitamins and minerals. Its useful for all body builders, athletes & fast muscle growth. maintain peak physical fitness & gives shape to all body builder, power lifter, weight lifter.#

Ingredients : Ultra filtered whey concentrate, soya protein protein isolate, glutamine, maltodextrine, milk powder, glucose fructose, sucrose, Vitamin, Minerals, Natural and artificial flavors.


Serving  Size-2 Scoops (60

Serving per Container 16app. (1000gm)/50(3000g)

Amount Per 100g Serving (App.)

Calories       325

Calories from fat 16

                                                                       % Daily Value*
Total Fat                     2.5g                                   5%
Saturated fat              1.0g                                  10%
Cholesterol              125mg                                  42%
Sodium                   170mg                                   7%
Total Carbohydrates     45g                                  35% 
Sugar                            5g                                    
Dietary Fiber                 2g
Protein                       45g
Calcium                     249mg                            25%
Vitamin A                      6IU                             <2%

* Percent of daily values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet

Suggested Use: As a  Dietary Supplement, mix a serving 60 gms (2scoop) of powder mix with 300ml. toned milk, juice or water. shake will before use and take after exercise and get great muscle mass and stamina.