GDYNS Premium Series Serious Gainer 6.61lbs (3000g)

Premium Series

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GDYNS Premium Series: Serious Gainer Double Gold  Power is great for  Body Builders and lean thin people as well as any one who wants  add kilos fast extra, carb, protein and calories to their diet. GDYNS Premium Series Gainer  is the perfect source of extra quality calories and is designed with the serious trainer in mind. if you one of those people who just can't gain weight, try GDYNS Premium Series  Weight Gainer to add extra calories to your daily diet. Hard gainers that we have talked to were shocked when they finally started to gain weight fast.

If you've got to pack on serious Weight and muscle in the shortest amount of time, GDYNS Premium Series  Weight Gainer can help you get the job done fast ! In fact, GDYNS Premium Series Weight Gainer is so effective in adding  Extra kilos fast.

The necessary source of high quality whey protein concentrate plus, Soya protein and milk fat are balanced with complex research based formula. If your goal is weight gain and mass then GDYNS Premium Series   Weight Gainer  is your number one training partner, result are made easy with GDYNS Premium Series Weight  Gainer.


Serving Size: 4 Scoop (120g)

Serving Per Container.7 (2 lbs/908g), 25(6.61lbs/3000g) Approx.

Amount Per 120g Serving (Approx)
Calories 420Calories from fat 27
% Daily Value*
Total Fat9g
Saturated Fat3g
Trans fat0g
Total Carbohydrate90g
Dietary Fiber3g
Protein 18g
Vitamin A6iu

INGREDIENTS: Milk Solid, Whey Protein, Soya protein isolate, Casine,  Sucrose, maltodextrine, Vitamine, minerals,  Natural and artificial flavors, Cocoa Powder & preservatives .

SUGGESTED USE: For best result take two time (60g x 2)120g in a day. 60g of powder mix with 300ml Full cream milk &  Shake well before use and take  after exercise  another at bed time and get great gain healthy kilos fast.