GDYNS Extreme Mass Builder 3000gm


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GDYNS Extreme Mass Builder is new improved mass gaining formula. Combined with a serious strength training regimen and sensible, healthy diet, you will notice immediate gains in muscle mass and body weight when supplementing with Extreme Mass Builder. More Calories, more protein , more good fat, more fiber and far less sugar.

Want to gain the muscle mass, Extreme Mass Builder is the right  way to do that. It has large amount of protein, which you will find in every scoop of  Extreme Mass Builder.

Promotes an anabolic environment in your body no more muscle catabolism due to lack of calories.

It is a great Combination of Carbohydrates, fat, protein ( with all essential  amino acid), minerals, vitamins. It's specially launched for lin-thin body builders, powder lifters & all sports man.#

Supplement Facts

Serving Size-2 Scoop) (60g)

Serving per Container 16(1000g)/50(3000g)

Amount Per 100g Serving (App.)

Calories            375

Calories from fat  21.5

                                                                                                   % Daily Value*
Total fat                             2.5g                                                 5%
Saturated fat                     2.0g                                                  12%
cholesterol                         125mg                                              42%
Sodium                              170mg                                              7%
Total Carbohydrates            57g                                                  33%
Sugar                                 5g                                                     
Dietary Fiber                       0g                                                    
Protein                                30g  
Calcium                              249mg                                            25%
Vitamin A                            6iu                                                 <2%
Percent of daily values are based on a 2,000 Calorie diet

Suggested Use: 60g of powder mix with 250ml.  milk or juice and shake well before use and take after exercise.