GDYNS Extreme Amino-2100 3000gm


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GDYNS Extreme Amino 2100 is perfect supplement for development of strong body. Amino acids are involved in a number of metabolic functions including protein synthesis. It is enrich with maximum essential amino acid. When extreme Amino 2100 comes to filling your muscular pipeline with valuable aminos to kick start protein synthesis , reduce catabolism & Improve nitrogen retention. Extreme Amino 2100 has great combination of whey protein hydrolysates ( whey protein Hydrolysates yield same of the highest quality peptide-bonded amino acids available), soya protein carbohydrate . fat, vitamins & minerals. It, is contain Value of Amino acid. Its completely provide all amino acid to your body#


Serving size-2 scoops (60g)

Serving per container 17(1000g)/50(3000g)

Amount per 100g serving (App.)
Protein (36%)                                 30g
Carbohydrates                                 65g
Fat                                                 02g
Vitamin A                                        5000 I.U
Vitamin B                                       05mg
Vitamin B6                                     02mg
Vitamin B12                                   05mcg
Vitamin C                                       20mg
Vitamin E(50%)                              20Mg
Calcium                                          1.2g
Niacinamide                                   20mg
Iron                                              50mg
Zinc Sulphate                                 15mg

 Whey protein, soya protein milk powder, sucrose. maltodextrine, vitamins, minerals. preservties and contains added flavors.

Suggested Use: 60g of powder mix with 250ml.  milk or juice and shake well before use and take after exercise