GDYNS Energy Charger 40gm x 12 pouch

Energy Ship

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Rs. 360.00

Gdyns Energy Charger is a very use full to all  sports men body builder *  & athlete to enhance his power stamina & Best performance during game or championship. 

Rehydrate your body 
Enhance your stamina
Enhance your Perfomance

Supplement Fact
Calories                    120Cal
Carbohydrates          40g
Protein                      0g
Fat                            0g
Fiber                         0g
Sodium Chloride       770mg
Potassium Chloride   161mg
Protein                       0g
Vitamin B1                 0.75mg
Vitamin B2                 0.75mg
Vitamin B3                 075mg
Ingredients: Glucose, Sucrose, Minerals & Contains added flavour, permitted class II perservatives.

How to Use ; mix one serving with 500ml cold water.