GDYNS HEALTH CARE PVT LTD is working from last 15 years with a great trust in sports nutrition's market, it exist 12 August 2002 by N.P. Singh ( Founder Director) and Rajeev Rana (M.D.),before GDYNS there were already working some faceless and some biggest company in Indian market, GDYNS has consistently fulfilled the needs of sports nutrition's and always developed his quality by new technology and researched day by day, GDYNS know the actual requirement of sportsmen, therefore regularly launched new products in sports nutrition's through his best think and always fulfill satisfaction of customers, GDYNS blending best quality of raw material, imported high efficiency and best quality whey Protein in every pack, GDYNS always fulfilled quality commitment and achieved a great trust in market.

GDYNS get more challenges in market from last 15 years with more biggest brand and generic company that was loudly entered in market with his few products and low quality materials but GDYNS regularly achieved his goal day by day, now GDYNS is covering all over India, Kashmir to Kanyakumari with more than 200 no. of distributors network, also we have entered in export of some Asian countries. GDYNS have all range of sports nutritional products more than 47 products , GDYNS is largest selling company of India and have largest range of food supplements in India .

Now GDYNS have not any comparison to others, GDYNS smoothly going to achieve his dream SKY IS LIMIT through his best quality and customers satisfaction.


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GPPR: Grams of protein per 100rs

Whey Protein Optimized for Ultimate Value

Stop paying attantion to marketing gimmicks of brand protein powder, here our prime objective is to educate our customers to know their value of money while choosing protein.

When you require Protein?
Any time you need premium, fast acting protein e.x. Pre-workout, first thing upon waking.

How to take it?

  • 100% Hydrolized Whey Protein isolates for Rapid Digestion.
  • Ultra-pure 100% Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolates.
  • Exclusive Actitor Peptides.
  • Nearly 9 grams of BCAAs
  • Aminogen based Digestive Enzyme System enhances Utilization
  • No Lactose or Cholestrol

How its done?

  • 1
    Install Android Mobile APP GS1 DataKart from Google Play Store
  • 2
    Check the product Bar Code available on product container.
  • 3
    Scan the Bar Code to authenticate product by choosing Enter Bar Code option from APP.